Our Beer

Our beer is handmade from scratch. We never take shortcuts or use extracts. This is beer made by beer drinkers for beer drinkers, using the finest brewing equipment and the best hops and malts. It’s then aged to perfection in our cold conditioning room and then proudly served to you.

  • All F(uggle)'d Up English Pale Ale

    5.5% ABV • 35 IBU

    Our old world English Pale Ale uses more than it’s fair share of Fuggle, a traditional English variety hop.  These hops pair well with the dry, biscuit malt profile which makes this refreshing pale ale a choice that’s sure to tantalize your taste buds.


  • Amarillo Wheat IPA (current seasonal)

    6.5% ABV • 70 IBU

    This IPA is made with equal parts of White Wheat and Northwest Pale malt, plus a generous helping of Amarillo hops.  This moderate malt profile lets the orange, citrus and floral aspects of the Amarillo take center stage, both in terms of aroma and palate.


  • Barley Wine (current seasonal)

    9% ABV • 77 IBU

    American Style Barley Wine, 6 different hop additions with a bright malt profile.

  • Beach Blonde Ale

    5.5% ABV • 20 IBU

    Our Beach Blonde Ale is an easy drinking golden/straw colored Ale for those unaccustomed to spicy, small batch hand crafted beers.  Beach Blonde is a lightly hopped, barley malt with exceptional balance. A light and refreshing brew for any occasion and any palate.  It weighs in with a respectable 5.5% ABV.  20 IBU


  • Fender Bender Amber Ale

    6.2% ABV • 35 IBU

    This hybrid ale is not your Mama’s amber ale. Fender Bender has notes of chocolate barley and an assertive hop character. With a hard rockin’ 6.2% ABV, Fender Bender can enliven any taste buds seeking good brews, good tunes, and good times.

  • Hempeweizen (current seasonal)

    5.5% ABV • 15 IBU

    This beer called for a bit of hemp seed in the mash, which imparts a nutty flavor on the back of the pallet.  This is a traditional German style Hefeweizen with the addition of the hemp seed, made with the skill and love our brewers put into every Rusty Truck brew.


  • Low Rider Lager

    5.5% ABV • 15 IBU

    Take a tasty trip to the sun drenched Baja and beyond with Rusty Truck Brewing Company’s Low Rider Lager.  Styled after classic Mexican pilsners like Modelo and Pacifico, Low Rider is light, crisp and muy refrescante. ¡Salude!

  • McKay's Oregon Cascade Harvest Fresh Hop IPA (current seasonal)

    6.8% ABV • 70 IBU

    Straight from McKay farms in Independence Oregon to our kettle in Lincoln City, 300 lbs of wet cascade hops were used to make this harvest IPA. Fresh Hop additions started 10 min. before the end of boil to bring out the aromatic qualities of the cascades. That gave this IPA a nice dank overall effect.

  • Moonlight Ride Blackberry Ale

    5.3% ABV • 20 IBU

    The aroma of ripened Oregon blackberries on a crisp moonlit September night is what inspired our blackberry ale.  We think we got it just right. Aged on 126 pounds of pureed blackberries per 10 barrel batch.  Subtle hints of blackberry, Enjoy the Ride!


  • Oktoberfest (current seasonal)

    5.7% ABV • 26 IBU

    Clean, light and malty with just enough bitterness to complement the autumn season.  This is a traditional helles marżen Oktoberfest lager made with Imported German malts and Noble-type American hop varieties.


  • Pedal to the Metal Double IPA (seasonal)

    8.7% ABV • 100 IBU

    This beer is brewed with nearly 3.5# of hops per barrel! It has a deep copper color, and huge Cascade hop aroma. The hop flavor is dominated by citrus and piney notes. The finish is a touch of malt, followed by a big, clean hop bitterness. Lean back and hang on! It’s Pedal to the Metal time!

  • Procrastinator Stout

    5.3% ABV • 30 IBU

    That’s right, we named a beer after you (or someone you love)! The Rusty Truck Brewing Company’s Procrastinator Stout is a roasty, creamy and smooth sipping nod to Ireland’s most famous style. Draw a pint and ponder a day’s events, relax and postpone those pressing tasks: they will be there tomorrow.

  • Road Wrecker IPA

    7% ABV • 70 IBU

    Proceed with caution: Road Wrecker is a giant of an ale, with major bitter and aromatic hops, topping out in the vicinity of 7% ABV. A coppery malt body and plentiful hop character for a classic Pacific Northwest style IPA to satisfy the Hopmonger in all of us. Seatbelts recommended!

  • Serena Rye Saison (current seasonal)

    5.1% ABV • 27 IBU

    Rye malt provides this ale with a solid foundation to highlight the earthy undertones of a French saison yeast strain.


  • Stupiphany Imperial Red Ale (seasonal)

    8% ABV • 90 IBU

    Stupiphany: noun “a sudden, inspired and profound realization that you did something stupid.”  What better way to numb those “priceless” moments in our life, or better yet, make light of them, than to enjoy a pint of our 8.0% ABV Stupiphany Imperial Red Ale.  Not a cure, but the best treatment available under the circumstances, Stupiphany is massively malty, and hopped over the top with the Northwest’s finest.  Stupid? Who cares—here’s a toast to the next time!


  • Taft Toffee Porter

    5% ABV • 20 IBU

    Named for the Rusty Truck’s home in the Historic Taft District, Taft Toffee Porter is a dark and velvety ale with significant toffee and chocolate notes. Slightly lighter in color than mass produced porters, our version is a tasty twist on the dockworkers old favorite.