Our Culture

The mission of Rusty Truck Brewing Company is simply to brew great beer in a great place. The cool climate, access to wonderful water and the best Oregon grown hops, makes Oregon, and especially the Oregon coast, a great place to brew great beer.

We strive to use the best possible natural ingredients and old fashioned hands on brewing methods to make small batches of unique, distinctive and great tasting brews.

At the same time, we are striving through our enterprise to help our local economy by increasing tourism, providing local employment and supporting other local businesses and community based charitable organizations.

Rusty People

  • Brian Whitehead

    Brian Whitehead

    Job at Rusty Truck: Owner

    Marital Status: Divorced x3

    Duties at Rusty Truck: Everything

    Favorite Rusty Truck Beer: Slant 6 Pale Ale “It’s just a great refreshing beer”

    Hobbies & Activities: Sailing, snowboarding, weight lifting, practicing law, blues music, travel, spending time with family and friends.

    Super Power: Raging Workaholic with a brain and immune to the effects of tequila.

    Email: brian@rustytruckbrewing.com

  • Russell Whitehead

    Russell Whitehead

    Job at Rusty Truck: Senior Beer Taster

    Marital Status: Married

    Duties at Rusty Truck: Inspections, promotion, keeping Brian in line

    Favorite Rusty Truck Beers: Beach Blonde, Blackberry Ale, Procrastinator Stout;

    Hobbies & Activities: Fishing, antiques, family & friends

    Super Power: Classified


    Scott Nichols

    Job at Rusty Truck: Sales Manager

    Marital Status: Married

    Duties at Rusty Truck: Anything Sales or Events

    Favorite Rusty Truck Beer:

    Hobbies & Activities:

    Super Power:

    Email: scott@rustytruckbrewing.com


    Matt Robberstad

    Job at Rusty Truck: Delivery

    Duties at Rusty Truck: Brings you your beer

    Favorite Rusty Truck Beer:

    Hobbies & Activities:

    Super Power:

  • Jon Anderson

    Jon Anderson

    Job at Rusty Truck: Head Brewer

    Duties at Rusty Truck: All Brewing duties, brewery tours, brewfests, events

    Favorite Rusty Truck Beers: Pedal to the Metal Double IPA

    Hobbies & Activities: Snowboarding/Skiing, Hanging out with my family

    Super Power: Communing with the beer Gods

    Email: jon@rustytruckbrewing.com

  • Sheila Martinak

    Sheila Martinak

    Job at Rusty Truck: Accounting & Operations Manager

    Duties at Rusty Truck: Anything with numbers and promotion

    Favorite Rusty Truck Beers: Helles Bock

    Hobbies & Activities: Spending time camping, outdoors and remembering what it’s like to be a child, through my daughter.

    Super Power: Pertinaciousness

    Email: Sheila@roadhouse101.com