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Brewing Up Seasonal Flavors and Year-Round Favorites the Old Fashioned Way




The mission of Rusty Truck Brewing Company is simply to brew great beer in a great place. The cool climate, access to wonderful water and the best Oregon grown hops, makes Oregon, and especially the Oregon coast, a great place to brew great beer.

We strive to use the best possible natural ingredients and old fashioned hands on brewing methods to make small batches of unique, distinctive and great tasting brews.

At the same time, we are striving through our enterprise to help our local economy by increasing tourism, providing local employment and supporting other local businesses and community based charitable organizations.




We are acutely aware of our obligation to minimize our impact on the environment and to reduce our carbon footprint. The byproducts of the brewing process are largely the spent grain, hops, and heated water. The grain is picked up by a local farmer to be used to feed his cattle and pigs.


The brewery is designed to recycle the heated water from the heat converter, which is used to cool the wort before it goes into the fermenter. The heated water then provides interior heat to the 1,260 sq ft second story of our brewery and the tasting room.


We are proud to have minimized our impact on the environment by putting waste energy to work, reusing water, and recycling the used malt byproduct of our brewing for animal feed.

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