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The infamous truck that started it all. Rusty was a bit of a corrosive issue between RTB and the City. Apparently, city officials considered it an eyesore and made several attempts to remove it from its parking spot. First they said it was an illegal sign, then an abandoned vehicle, then a public nuisance. When these slanders against the truck were proved untrue, the city claimed that because it was parked on dirt, that it was in an illegal parking spot! Unfortunately for the city, the dirt was from years of dirt accumulating in the corner of the parking lot on top of the pavement. After the dirt was shoveled away, Rusty was clearly parked on asphalt. After painting some yellow parking lines around the truck, Rusty was saved. 


This game of cat and mouse was too much fun – so we named a brewery after it. Sadly the Oregon Coast air rusted Rusty until she literally fell apart and had to be removed to the junkyard. We miss her very much!




This 1966 Chevy Suburban was originally Rescue 71, from the Pedee Oregon rural fire district. After sitting in the Pedee fire station and then the retired fire chief's barn for 45 years, it had only accumulated 5,000 original miles when it was noticed by Rusty Truck's owner along Oregon Route 23 sporting a "for sale" sign. It's now used by Rusty Truck to serve beer just about anywhere, and occasionally can be seen off-roading along the beaches and dunes of the central Oregon coast.



Rocky is a 1956 Ford refrigerated truck which has been refitted with a hopped-up Ford 460 and running gear from a 1986 Ford motorhome. "Rocky" got its name because the antique refrigeration unit over the cab makes it so top heavy that it rocks back and forth when it goes too fast around corners. You will see Rocky at beer festivals and and events all over Oregon, serving Rusty Truck beer through its 16 beer taps. And yes, we do still hold up traffic around tight corners. 




Old Blue now sits where Rusty was parked. This 1956 Chevy was purchased by Rusty Truck for $1,500 from a hay farmer in Molalla, Oregon, where it had spent 55 years hauling hay from the fields to the barn. With it's 235 cubic inch straight 6,  4 speed transmission and 2 speed differential it can top out at about 40 mph, but also crawls along like a snail. This made it perfect for loading bales as it slowly crept through the fields, and for its use by Rusty Truck for local parades with bands playing to the crowds. 

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Bullwinkle is a 1958 Chevy Viking 40. It was originally a cattle truck belonging to a dairy farmer outside Newburg, Oregon, and was used twice a year for 55 years to haul cows to the stock yard. We installed a refrigerated box salvaged from a newer truck and 20 beer taps so that we could use it to serve beer at local events. We already had a tap truck named "Rocky", so we named this bigger one "Bullwinkle" and added it to our fleet of antique beer trucks.

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