The infamous truck that started it all, you’ll usually find this 1958 Chevy parked in its controversial parking spot in front of RUSTY TRUCK BREWING right off highway 101 in Lincoln City.


Rusty was a bit of a corrosive issue between RTB and the City. Parked near the highway, with the logo on the door some thought she might be considered a sign and against city code.  When the door was covered up it was then considered an abandoned vehicle. Everyone knows you can see Rusty rolling in the annual 4th of July Parade in Gleneden Beach so she’s not abandoned. Parked illegally? After some beach sand was shoveled out under Rusty she was clearly in a legal parking space.


This game of cat and mouse was too much fun – so we named a brewery after it.




This 1966 Chevy Suburban was originally Rescue 71, from the Pedee Oregon rural fire district. After sitting in the Pedee fire station and then the retired fire chief's barn for 45 years, it had only accumulated 5,000 original miles when it was noticed by Rusty Truck's owner along Oregon Route 23 sporting a "for sale" sign. It's now used by Rusty Truck to serve beer just about anywhere, and occasionally can be seen off-roading along the beaches and dunes of the central Oregon coast.




We call this 1956 restored Ford “Rocky” because she’s a little tippy on the corners. The refrigerated box and cooler on top makes things a little shaky going around bends! Rocky has a total of 16 taps coming out of the sides which makes this truck a real fun addition to brew festivals and tasting events.




This 1956 Chevy was purchased by Rusty Truck for $1,500 from a hay farmer in Molalla, Oregon, where it had spent 55 years hauling hay from the fields to the barn. With it's 235 cubic inch straight 6,  4 speed transmission with           speed and 2 speed differential it can top out at about 40 mph, but also crawls along like a snail. This made it perfect for loading bales as it slowly crept through the fields, and for its use by Rusty Truck for local parades with bands playing to the crowds.